Strengthening mental and physical health through movement and music

123 Steps Ahead is a customizable dance program for children that focuses on developing gross motor skills, coordination, and proprioception through movement and music.

We follow three values:

1- Our program is graded. We meet the child at his or her level.

2- We develop functional and efficient movement.

3- We are creative and fun!

We provide our students the opportunity to enhance physical skills and social development.

“123 Steps Ahead brings out the inner dancer in my daughter. She has always wanted to dance but has found classes intimidating in the past. Now, she spends most of her free time working on her choreography and moving to music at home. She loves being able to learn and create and I appreciate the inclusive, non-judgmental philosophy. I am so excited to see where this program takes her!”

— Marina, Early Childhood Education & Isabel’s Mom.

What We've Achieved

  • Consecutive contracts with the English School Board of Montreal

  • Consecutive contracts with CPE Terre des Enfants (Montreal)

  • Partnership with March of Dimes Canada (Calgary)

  • Private lessons (Vancouver)

  • Partnership with the ScoliClinic and Kids Physio Group (Vancouver)

  • Building confidence and physical skills in a new generation of youth